CUISINE – always MODERN, however traditional … AMBIENCE – IN WINTER crackling fireplace, IN SUMMER GARDEN full of greens… GUESTS - from all ages, both locals and their guests, as well as prominent people within the world … FOR ALL OCCASIONS from FAMILY lunch to informal dinner, from formal BUSINESS meetings to diplomatic meetings … ABOVE ALL LOVE towards food, our guests and towards everything we do … BE A PART OF OUR GREAT LATERNA FAMILY…



1. SIRLOIN STEAK IN SMOKE - 350 gr.- 1780 din.


Which is obtained after 30 days of dry meat maturation in special chambers
whose specific conditions contribute to the formation of natural enzymes that
enhance the texture of the meat, after which the end product is the world's
top steak, from the finest Serbian beef carefully cultivated from the best local


2. Cafe de Paris - rump steak- 250 g. - 1350
classic French recipe from the finest veal
3. GRILLED CHEESE ROCKET SALAD - extra quality mountain cheese - 380
4. Asian salad – mix salad with chicken and peanuts- 650
5. Satay chicken – 620
6. Monastery chicken - covered with healthy seed mix – 840
7. MONTENEGRO STEAK - stuffed fillet with prosciutto-720
8. VEAL CURRY – diced beef tenderloin in curry sauce - 980


7. SALMON FILLETS – grilled – with roasted vegetables and basmati rice - 1490
8. TUNA STEAK – grilled–finest fish steak, on rosemary olive oil and roasted veggies- 1680
9. Beef STROGANOF alla Jamie Oliver
sautéed pieces of beef served in a saucewith sour cream,mushrooms,bell pepper...- 1350
10. CHOCOLATE CAKE - from the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate –250
11. PEAR IN WINE–cooked in Porto wine with the addition of aromatic spices - 250