CUISINE – always MODERN, however traditional … AMBIENCE – IN WINTER crackling fireplace, IN SUMMER GARDEN full of greens… GUESTS - from all ages, both locals and their guests, as well as prominent people within the world … FOR ALL OCCASIONS from FAMILY lunch to informal dinner, from formal BUSINESS meetings to diplomatic meetings … ABOVE ALL LOVE towards food, our guests and towards everything we do … BE A PART OF OUR GREAT LATERNA FAMILY…

    ABOUT US   


Laterna Restaurant had its beginnings in a modest fashion, and eventually grew into a place
of which many locals from Krusevac and their guests are very proud of.

With its beginnings in 1990, thus using this experience and with the constant improvement
especially from abroad, we have created a wide range of food and drinks.
Our menu comprises of a unique combination of international, national and Italian cuisine,
blended into specialties that you can try only at our restaurant.

Laterna offers all guests a magical atmosphere, expressed by the fireplace in winter,
a chilled and comfortable interioras well as an intimate covered garden in the summer period.
Whether it be a business or family event, the scenery will guarantee memorable experience,
catering to all your needs.


Our Menu is constantly changing, thus we always strive to improve our offer,
to adapt to new trends, within the needs of our guests.
Despite the many flavours on offer, our restaurant always relies on proven traditional tastes.

Laterna is best expressed by our scenery, the quality and appearance of the food,
hard work, and above all l the love that we put in everything we do.

People from all ages, both locals and their guests,as well as prominent people within the world,
come down to relax and enjoy the food and friendly atmosphere.

Be a part of our great Laterna family.